The Book Of HOV
A Tribute

Almost 25 years ago, we created Baseline Studios, which would become JAY-Z’s home for recording many of his early hits and developing producers and careers. Recreating the studio for The Book Of HOV exhibit at Brooklyn Public Library, Central Location, was a chance to show the Baseline Studios as it was originally built, including interiors, vibe, and exact equipment. We procured, installed, and refurbished the original SSL 4064G+ console and Augspurger Classic 215 monitors. There is attention to every detail, including the wood finishes, fabric racks, gear, Producers desk and layout.

The studio is outfitted with a late 90’s Otari MTR90 mk2 24track machine, keyboards, drum machines, and outboard gear.

Walking into the control room transports one to the legendary studio on 26th Street in NYC. The exhibit highlights JAY-Z’s journey and influence on popular culture.

The Book Of HOV
A Tribute

1 SSL 4056 loaded 40/G+ with VU metering and Left Hand Patchbay
1 Avid Pro Tools Mix 3 System
3 Avid 8x8x8 I/O
1 Apogee Modular AS500 and MiniDAC
1 Augspurger Classic 215H-S218 in black
1 Yamaha NS-10M
1 Bryston 4B
1 Eventide H3000SE
1 Lexicon 480L with LARC remote
1 Summit EQP-200
1 Urei 1176-Silver
1 TC Electronic M2000
2 Panasonic SV-3700
2 Neve 1073
1 Tascam 122 cassette deck
1 TLA 2 channel compressor
1 Lexicon PCM 42
1 Yamaha SPX90
1 Yamaha SPX 1000
1 TC Finalizer
1 Manley Voxbox
3 Furman PL Plus
1 Otari MTR 90 24 track with remote
1 Producer’s Desk
1 Neumann U87 with shockmount
1 SL-1200 Turntable