“We design and build recording studios, performance spaces, venues, home theater, listening rooms, conference rooms, broadcast, mastering, theater, any space where excellence in audio and acoustics are essential.”—Dave Malekpour

It’s Called The Music Business—Music First, Then Focus On Business

When it comes to building a professional facility, along with our uncompromising requirements for sound quality, we want your studio to provide the functionality you need, deliver the results that justify your investment, and ultimately pay for itself. We also help the aspirant—those who are just starting or trying to get to the next level—perhaps taking over a space and wanting it to sound the best it can. In that regard, our approach is based solely on what is needed, rather than taking an all-or-nothing stance. Perhaps all you need is a change in vibe. We will never sell what you don’t need.

Mission Statement​

With over 30 years’ experience in recording studio design, analysis and construction, Malekpour Design Partners offer unparalleled expertise in all areas of design, specification and construction of recording studios.

When it comes to building a professional facility, our philosophy is always to put ourselves at the heart of your vision, to deliver not only your desired aesthetic and required functionality, but exceptional sonic accuracy and a creative, unrestrictive environment – so you can achieve the best results possible for your investment.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy centers on sonic accuracy, the creative process, and creating an environment that projects artistry with a wash of inspiration that envelops all who walk into the space. For the artist, a studio should be comfortable while simultaneously uplifting them to discover new musical vistas. For the engineer and producer, accuracy throughout the process, from rooms to recording devices to monitoring is the only way to enable the best possible choices at any stage of music production.

“A space has to speak to us on many levels. It has to touch us emotionally, make us feel comfortable, yet encourage us to stretch and reach for greater heights”

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