Residential Project – Alexandria, Egypt

Malekpour Design Partners Case Study:
Residential Project– Alexandria, Egypt

Modern design is shaped by clean lines, geometric form, clear spaces, function and storage, that was our aim when we established this design. The heart of the house is the living room. It unites the two main common areas of the house.

Each detail in the design enforces the modern design concepts such as the color palette, which consists of shades of light cream colors, and the materials themselves. Wood played a large role in making this design come to life. Gold elements in the dining room to give a luxurious yet simple look. Several levels of light and contour lighting create a comfortable perception and a feeling of coziness.

Interior decor required attention to detail to create a sense of completeness.
Everything presented in these  renderings, with the help of computer technology, requires keen visualization skill and a detailed-oriented eye–the key to all of the services we offer to our clients.