Levels Episode 1: Christopher Coe


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In the inaugural “Levels” Podcast by Headliner Magazine, electronic producer Christopher Coe joins forces with legendary DJ, producer & engineer Carl Cox to break limitations in the realm of electronic music.

Learn about their story, creative process, and how their partnership, in the form of their “Awesome Soundwave” label, explores uncharted territories with the help of cutting-edge Augspurger® DUO 8 studio monitors.To learn more about how these industry giants take advantage of the latest technology in HiFi Audio by Augspurger®, click the link below for the full podcast experience.

Stay tuned for new podcast installments in the upcoming weeks! In the next one, Augspurger® ‘s founder, Dave Malekpour, reflects on 30 years of experience in the audio industry and adds more professional insight into the business.




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