Jaycen Joshua Featured by Mix Magazine – A-List Engineer Weaves Talent, Taste and a Personal Touch Into Canton House Studios


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To understand the fundamentals of multi-Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Jaycen Joshua’s workflow, look no further than the God Particle. No, not the Higgs boson—the discovery of which, in 2012, advanced our understanding of particle physics—but rather the plug-in from developer Cradle. The God Particle plug-in, launched in early 2023, is the distillation of Joshua’s essential
analog mix chain, crafted and developed during 13 years at Larrabee Studios in Los Angeles, where he worked with and was mentored by Dave Pensado. It’s the only plug-in he uses on
his mix bus.

Joshua eventually left Larrabee to build his own Canton House Studios in the hills above L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, in collaboration with Dave Malekpour and his Professional Audio Design, Inc. team. A console-sized desk housing the analog embodiment of the God Particle and Malekpour’s Augspurger main monitors dominate Joshua’s mix room, which is in the house’s former garage. In what used to be a guesthouse, separated from the mix room by a multi-function studio space, is a Dolby Atmos equipped room where mix engineer Mike Seaberg frequently works. Upstairs, there are all the amenities of a high-end home, including four bedrooms available for clients—Joshua lives elsewhere—as well as workstations for Joshua’s mix assistants. All new. All reflecting Joshua’s style and his way of working. It’s a pretty sweet setup.




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