Building To Your Budget With No Surprises

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Budget is a balance of room building, equipment, and projected results 

We endeavor always to create a space with the best possible results for the available budget. Along with our predictive modeling, we also reveal the hidden costs before the fact. For example, air conditioning, electrical, isolation, acoustical interior, and final finishing materials all factor into a studio build. We also take electrical grounding, network infrastructure, backup needs, data storage requirements, and devices for clean electricity into account. If you buy a console, beyond the unit’s price tag, there are also shipping costs to consider, cartage into the facility, and wiring.    

Straying within budget while ensuring results is also a matter of working with the builder as a project manager. Projects rely on the quality and/or management of the builder. We prefer a boots-on-the-ground approach, whether it’s ongoing or periodic, depending on budget, to ensure that the builder has what they need and the job is done right. Having builders that we’ve worked with over the years in several markets allows us to achieve consistent results within budget and allotted time frame.

“A studio build is a thousand small details. You can’t go back to fix detail one if you’ve laid 999 on top of it. To prevent expensive and unnecessary surprises, we get feedback from the builder as they go.”—DM



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